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I’m Martin

An avid explorer, wanderer, nature enthusiast, and teacher.

As a TEFL-certified teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching kids, currently enrolled in a final year Bachelor of Education degree programme. I believe that the best way to learn a new language is through relaxed and happy settings. By learning this way, kids can explore their interests in a unique environment while exploring nature wildlife and gaining new experiences.

During my previous experience mixing exploration with teaching, I have taught while climbing mountains, searching for safari animals, exploring different natural environments, participating in conservation, and learning online. 

What I provide is an all-encompassing learning experience that ignites the passion in kids and makes them more receptive to learning English. I also offer a more relaxed setting where my students are encouraged to break out of traditional learning settings.

As a tour guide, I specialize in communication with different people because this means that I interact and teach people from all around the world every day. I want to help kids worldwide gain more confidence in communicating in the English Language and feel comfortable while doing so.
I do this to create a link that breaks the language barrier among the countries of the world while fostering strong English-speaking relationships among the new generation of children.

I love to go hike, explore, learn about animals, and play games in my free time.


I am a happy and friendly person who loves to smile and make other people smile with me.

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How it works


Levels of teaching

Development of the English language through organic conversations and activities to learn the way that a native speaker learns. 



Exam preperation (IELTS, TOEFL)

Business English

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Lessons overview

My speaking-first English teaching and learning style is focused on building confidence and learning new vocabulary. After getting familiar with the new terminology, we advance to basic sentences that kids use on a daily basis. By doing this, we incorporate the language into their daily lives where they can draw familiarity and create an affinity.

The speaking first program is recommended for beginner and elementary learners. It also works specifically for students having difficulties learning English.

Because Little Native Learning is built on a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere, we teach many aspects of the English Language, including;

  • Conversational English

  • Pronunciation

  • Confidence and fluency

  • Rekindle a love for learning

  • Listening and reading skills

  • Practical English application

  • Expand vocabulary in the area of your interest

  • English idioms and phrases

  • Prepare for upcoming events (interviews, speeches, etc.)

Here at Little Native Learning, I aim to break the language-learning barrier among different learners of the world by encouraging a different teaching style that focuses on a relaxed setting. Doing this has proven excellent language-learning skills and results in our students.


Contact me


WhatsApp: +27 714224679

WeChat ID: teachermartinlotz

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